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They would drive me from my home. It will not do. Really, it will not. Concerned for her safety, her mother arranges for Morgana to marry Cai Jenkins, the widower from the far hills who knows nothing of the nasty things folk say about her daughter. After a swift wedding, Cai takes his new wife to his farm. Initially heartbroken to leave her home, Morgana soon begins to falls in love with the place, and the rugged mountains that surround it - just as Cai slowly begins to win her heart.

But it isn't long before her strangeness begins to be remarked upon. A dark force is at work - a person who will stop at nothing to turn the townspeople against Morgana, even at the expense of those closest to her. Forced to defend her home, her lover, and herself from all comers, Morgana must learn to harness her power Praise for The Witch's Daughter: A riveting tale of sorcery and time travel. Marie Claire. Paula Brackston lives with her family in a wild, mountainous part of Wales and much of the inspiration for her writing comes from stomping about on the mountains beings serenaded by skylarks and buzzards.

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The Winter Witch

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Morgana is a woman with many secrets and she has a great air of mystery surrounding her. What really intrigued me was what Morgana could have possibly done to make her mother want to send her away. So not only did I get to learn of Morgana to start with, but also of what the book may bring. As soon as she is married to Cai, Morgana must start a new life in a strange place with a strange man.

I wanted more between the married couple and to see more of them together. Unfortunately, after the beginning, I began to lose interest very quickly. I do think this was partly due to the plot not giving them enough time together though and this could have been something easily rectified.

The magic aspect of the book was extremely slow and I wanted to know more instead of being kept guessing for so long. I got quite bored after the first third or so and found myself not caring at all about what would happen in either the plot, or to the characters. Mar 16, Cocktails and Books rated it it was amazing Shelves: cnb-reviewers. This book is absolutely wonderful.

From the moment I picked it up, I could not put it down.

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She introduces you to Morgana, a mute witch who conveys far more through expression and actions than she ever could in words. Reluctant at This book is absolutely wonderful. Reluctant at first, Morgana slowly becomes accustomed to her new life, slowly but surely becoming fond of her new home, and of Cai. As time goes on, Morgana and Cai begin to develop deep feelings for one another. Their romance is even more touching than most, as it proves that words are just words, and even the smallest of gestures can have the power to convey just how much you love and care for someone.

The idea for this goes beyond romantic, and was one of my absolute favorite things about this story. Mixed in with the romance, is a thrilling mystery, as Morgana and Cai find themselves fighting the evils of another witch to save their home, their land, and each other. Exciting, sweet and brilliantly written, this book is one of my favorites of the year so far.

I would recommend this to anyone who believes themselves a true romantic at heart. Reviewed by Marie for Cocktails and Books Feb 20, Adrienne rated it liked it. I read this because of the cover The story had potential, but ehhhhh, not so much.

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Let me tell you something, if I were a witch with potent powers, you better believe I'd be witching it up every chance I got. I just felt like saying, "Come on girl, use your powers! Save the cows, save your man, kill the witch! View 1 comment. Nov 26, Ava rated it liked it.

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I was under the initial impression that The Winter Witch would be a different sort of novel than the one I read - which is a historical romance novel about a Welsh witch. Nothing wrong with the latter genre, but it's jarring to switch expectations in the midst of reading. Basically, the plot line of The Winter Witch follows a formula romance with a marriage of convenience, similar to a Western rancher picking a wife for status purposes.

However, in this case, the ranch is in Wales. Further, the I was under the initial impression that The Winter Witch would be a different sort of novel than the one I read - which is a historical romance novel about a Welsh witch. Further, the plot is influenced by his young bride's hidden and untapped powers as a witch and supernatural forces, both good and malevolent, complicating their growing love for one another. The rancher or drover should have suspected his mute yes, she has no voice but clearly displayed a fiery spirit beneath her fetching exterior bride's hidden nature because her name is Morgana Rhiannon.

Dead giveaway for Welsh witchery and some horsey skills coming into play later on. Morgana's muteness was puzzling to me as it was never sufficiently explained. It seemed more of a device to complicate the plot because she could never sufficiently communicate or explain herself; although Morgana can read very well, she can barely write. I also had a problem with Morgana's personality. She was described as "the wild one" - free-spirited, independent, proto-feminist.

However, her wild temper and seeming lack of common sense cause some of the negativity that surrounds her.

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I suppose if she had a voice she would get in even more trouble. At times, it was hard to sympathize with her being misunderstood when some of her troubles could have been easily avoided. The villain in the story is easily spotted and way over the top. But why did she wait until the drover got himself a new wife before making her move instead of lying low for 2 years? Never really explained.

The Winter Witch (Shadow Chronicles, book 2) by Paula Brackston

Dec 01, Jennifer rated it it was amazing. Paula Brackston has spun a vivid and absorbing tale that captivated me from start to finish. I loved this book. This is a novel that encompasses fantasy, romance, and suspense and combines them to create a very absorbing story. The female protagonist, Morgana, is a wonderfully penned character that I felt an immediate attachment to.

Paula Brackston

Her speechlessness means that words do not define her, her actions do, and this was a thought-provoking concept. At times there was much frustration on Morgana's part Paula Brackston has spun a vivid and absorbing tale that captivated me from start to finish. At times there was much frustration on Morgana's part because of her silence, but at other times the author gave me the distinct impression that Morgana's lack of words actually produced more beneficial results.