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Blockchain technology as a regulatory technology: From code is law to law is code.

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First Monday, 21 Weapons of math destruction: How big data increases inequality and threatens democracy. Crown Publishing Group NY. Tapscott, D.

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Langdon Winner, Lawrence Lessig, Code and other laws of cyberspace. New York: Basic Books. Digital rights management: Business and technology. Moritz Hardt, How big data is unfair: Understanding unintended sources of unfairness in data driven decision making. Ben Guarino. Google faulted for racial bias in image search results for black teenagers. Washington Post. Samer Hassan is an activist and researcher.

Samer received a 1. He coordinated building decentralized web-tools for collaborative communities and social movements, such as SwellRT and Jetpad. Follow Samer on Twitter: samerP2P. Field Actions Science Reports The journal of field actions. Contents - Previous document - Next document. Outline Introduction. From Code is Law to Law is Code. Full text PDF k Send by e-mail. When applied to legal data, Machine Learning is often referred to as Legal Analytics.

Let us have a look at some of the applications of machine learning in the legal field. The applications that are available are not just for lawyers, but also, e. Legal databases are increasingly using AI to present you with the relevant laws, statutes, case law, etc.

There are eDiscovery services for lawyers as well as for law enforcement that focus on finding relevant digital evidence. Both typically use triage services to rank the results in order of relevance. In some cases, the system can even go a step further and assist with the writing of documents and contracts Intelligent Document Assembly. Some more advanced examples of process automation, e. One of the fields where legal analytics has been making headlines is predictive analysis: using statistical models, the system makes predictions.

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Predictive analysis is not just used by lawyers, but in the broader legal field: there also are for applications, e. There are systems, e. ML is also successfully being used in crime detection. There are AI systems that monitor what cameras are registering, or that use a network of microphones to detect shots being fired. Asia noted that those that do not may risk being outgunned by their international competitors, many of whom have already made strides in technological adoption.

Asia said. Potentially, the industry laggards could be disadvantaged and see their bottom lines suffer, it added.

In his speech, Chief Justice Menon warned that the competition to provide legal services will intensify in the near future, as technological trends start to make their impact felt. Online dispute resolution systems, adopted by e-commerce platforms, are helping to resolve simple and low-value consumer disputes, he pointed out. In December last year, OCBC Bank also rolled out a free online service for Singapore citizens and residents aged 21 and above to prepare their wills within 10 minutes on their computers, laptops or mobile devices.

With ever-evolving technology here to stay, help is at hand to give Singapore firms which want to embrace it a leg-up. There is a variety of financial schemes and grants available for firms to defray the costs of technological adoption, said the LawSoc. File photo: Singapore's Ministry of Law.

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The role of technology will go some way in helping to change — or improve — work processes, said law firms and observers. Lawyers and law firms interviewed agreed that new technologies can potentially help improve productivity in the sector. WMH Law Corporation managing director Wilbur Lim predicted that new technologies will take over the work traditionally performed by junior associates at a law firm.

While technology may take over some of the tasks which lawyers perform now, the notion of a law firm staffed only with robots would likely remain a fantasy.


She pointed out:. We develop very close client relationships and handle difficult cases. These are skills that would be hard for technology to replace.