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The show presents its arresting subject matter with just one extended monologue, with fourth-wall-breaking elements. Coupled with the strong writing, it feels like Carey really is joined on stage by others, and the trick creates genuine spook. The play is strongest when it depicts that fact as tragic and biological, rather than speculate about men and gender as a whole.

Carey Mulligan: 'Why don't we see more unfaithful women on screen?'

Family annihilation is a terrible and confusing thing. Follow Metro.

A golfing term meaning a shot you didn't mean to play, but did. A drunken hookup with some ugly as bitch you didn't mean to hook up with, but did because of your immense beer goggles. Shutup about that girl last night, i call a mulligan. An unwanted pregnancy. Usually ending up in an abortion clinic, dumpster or trains station lavatory. My daughter is only 16 and is having a mulligan.

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Something needs to be done about this. When an older rich man remarries to a much younger trophy wife.

An Education 'girl talk' Rosamund Pike, Carey Mulligan

Just like in golf you can buy yourself a second chance. Look at that old fart and his mulligan.

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